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                          Welcome to the KILLERD clan!

We are the KILLERD clan of the online game Runescape. Our clan is a mix of free-to-play members and pay-to-play members. We are fun-minded (well, a little crazy around the edges) and we are growing like the weeds in Fearmaven's farm plot. We love drop parties where we snag great gear and chase off the non-clan intruders into the wilderness for justice. Maybe one day we will put fear in the minds of all who tread in Runescape, but in the meantime the promise of our impending might will just have to scare the cockroaches into hiding in the dungeons. 

Current Clan Alliances:

Crying Towers

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Killerd Skype and Facebook

bloodwyne, Oct 4, 11 5:11 PM.
Don't forget to add the KillerD Facebook page at Killerd of Runescape and your KillerD clanmates on Skype.
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